Our friends at Maxon [creators of Cinema4D, Maxon-One, Red Shift, Red Giant, and much more besides), have written an. excellent article on our completed works for MSC Cruises. It's absolutely worth a read if you're interested in gaining a little insight into our process and workflow for getting the job done. What follows is a short excerpt, and then a link to the full article.

iBelieveInSwordfish is a San Francisco-based motion design studio known for their innovative user experience and marketing expertise. Recently, though, they got a chance to work on an exceptional project unlike anything they’d ever done before.

MSC Cruises commissioned them to create 46 hours of 9k content for the new flagship MSC World Europa. Designed to run non-stop for seven days on the ceiling of the ship’s promenade deck, the animations featured nature scenes, flocking birds and CG photo-real sea creatures, as well as a variety of CG generative animations.

The project was a dream job for the creative team at iBelieveInSwordfish, and they handled it so well MSC asked them to do a similar project for the cruise ship Euribia. We talked with Matt Silverman, iBelieveInSwordfish’s executive creative director, about their process for both impressive projects, including how they used a variety of tools, including Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Redshift and Midjourney.

Full article here: https://www.maxon.net/en/article/art-at-sea-in-3d